Yard Machines 24A-45M3000 Vacuum Chipper Shredder Review

Yard Machines 24A-45M3000 Vacuum Chipper Shredder

“Ergonomically designed with you in mind”.

The Yard Machines 24-A-45M3000 all in one chipper/shredder/vacuum is an in-between machine, not quite professional quality, but more robust and higher powered than your average homeowner chipper shredder. It’s certainly more powerful than many of the two-stroke and electric models that it competes with.

It has a 208 cc 4-cycle gas-powered engine. Yard Machines, like many small engine manufacturers, doesn’t rate the unit for horsepower, just for its displacement. A 208cc engine generally will produce between 6 and 7 horsepower, which is comparable to the Patriot CSV-3065B.

Ergonomically Different Than Many Other Machines

The Yard Machines unit’s power isn’t reflected in its chipping capacity. It’s only rated for a 2” diameter branch. Its feed rate, while outperforming an electric chipper shredder, is still slower than the comparably sized Patriot model.

The Yard Machines appeal is more the configuration of the machine than its power. With a big, swivelling hopper on the back, and big 10” diameter tires, you can push it like a hand-truck to wherever you’re working.

Instead of feeding your leaves and debris into a big, open hopper on top, you can lay the input chute flat on the ground and rake your lawn directly into it. Like all the chipper shredder models we’ve reviewed, there’s a separate trumpet-shaped chute for chipping branches.

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Substantial Capacities Aren’t Exaggerations

It’s this ergonomic difference that makes the Yard Machine popular with its users. The ability to wheel the machine around and work without bending over constantly to fill the hopper with leaves by hand is highly rated for ease of use, and while the machine is only rated for 2” diameter branches, it handles them readily instead of laboring over bigger branches. The big, wide tires make wheeling the machine over uneven and even slightly soft ground a breeze.


  • Supplied chipper shredder vacuum bag holds 2-1/2 bushels of chipped and shredded waste
  • 208 cc engine
  • 2” chipping capacity
  • Recoil pull start
  • 10” diameter by 2-3/4” wide tires
  • Gas tank holds 4/10 of a gallon
  • 4-cycle, I cylinder gasoline engine
  • Replaceable steel chipper blades
  • Replaceable steel shredder flails
  • Polymer shredder hopper hinges down to accept raked material
  • Yard waste will be reduced to only 10 percent of its original volume

Runs Like A Tank

Although the Yard Machines unit is a 4-stroke overhead valve engine that doesn’t require tedious mixing of oil in with its fuel, it’s still not CARB compliant for use in California.

Users report that it runs for a long time on its large gas tank, so much so that they have trouble running the tank dry to put it away for the winter, which is a nice problem to have.

Users also like its durability, and often say it runs like a tank. There are no bad reviews of the Yard Machine, and most give it four out of five stars. You can still purchase a 24A-45M3000, but the model number has been retired by Yard Machines, and has been replaced by the Yard Machines Model 24A-45M4000, but the only change appears to be the name.

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