Why You Need a Chipper Shredder for your Yard

Common yard debris such as leaves, twigs and branches are not attractive if left in a huge pile. The most efficient solution to reducing waste to a smaller volume involves using a chipper shredder. This machine offers several advantages to homeowners who are seeking reliable ways to dispose of debris, and will come in handy if your yard space is large. In this case it would be best to work with a gas-powered chipper shredder to make use of portability since it doesn’t rely on electricity to function properly. Easy to transport, powerful and convenient, you will be glad you decided to get a chipper shredder when you realize what this machine has to offer.

Reduce Time and Save Space

A chipper shredder makes piles of cuttings, branches and leaves easily disposable by decreasing the amount of space they occupy. Shred, shovel, rake and pack the pile in trash bags instead of struggling to drag an oversized branch to the curb for the garbage collectors to retrieve. You can also avoid spending hours chopping branches into smaller pieces since a gas powered chipper shredder is portable, making it easier to get the job done.

A Cost Effective Alternative

Take a seat and consider how many times you had to pay a landscaper or gardener to trim your hedges and remove the cuttings. Getting your own electric or gas powered chipper shredder gives you the option to save a few dollars each month which will prove beneficial in the long run. Chipper shredders are fairly easy to operate and once you get the hang of it, grooming your own hedges and disposing of the waste will be a regular chore.

Compost and Mulch

If you’re a plant lover then a chipper shredder will be a bonus to your garden. It simply means that shredding branches and leaves will provide a useful by-product for your flowers, vegetables and other plants. Create your own mulch to insulate the plants. You can even use the chipper shredder to make wood chips to adorn the path to your lovely garden. With a chipper shredder you can even add a few scraps from the kitchen, throw in a few leaves and small limbs, and you’ve got yourself a nice pile of finely shredded debris for your compost. Healthy, organic and filled with nutrients that will keep your plants healthy, you won’t need any fertilizers to keep your garden alive. This healthy by-product is also great for drainage and is another benefit you can enjoy without dipping into your monetary reserve.