What You can do With Mulch

You might be clearing some of your own land. You might be doing any number of things that involve a wood chipper, but regardless of where the chips come from; you might need ideas on what to do with all the chips. If you aren’t exactly down for taking the chips to a recycling center, you might as well have some use for the wood chips at home.


Mulch your flower beds

If you are chipping finely enough, you might consider using your debris as mulch for your flower beds and other plant arrangements in your yard. Whether you have a landscape that is mostly shrubs or one that likes to highlight with flower beds, then you can use all of that chipped wood to preserve the landscaping choices that you have made. Using your wood chips on your current landscaping can serve the same purposes of commercially-available mulches. You are putting down a layer of stuff over the soil to encourage moisture retention and reduce the growth of weeds, while improving the fertility of soil and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of bedded plants.


Compost for gardeners

Home gardeners that want to get an edge in growing organic crops can also use chipped wood as a great foundation for compost. All of that chipped wood is high in the nutrients that any vegetable or fruit plant will want. You have an abundance of free hydrogen and carbon locked in that wood, and when you use the wood as the base for a compost mixture, you are naturally returning nutrients that new plants need into the soil without looking out toward chemical treating plants. Using chipped wood as a compost component gives natural microbes and bacteria a place to do their thing as far as fertilization goes. You can use your chipped wood to feed a new generation of plants that will, in turn, give you the nutrients for life.