The Patriot Products CSV-2515 Chipper Shredder Review

“BEST electric chipper shredder on the market”

Whenever you’re buying lawn and garden equipment like chipper shredders, you’re often faced with a stark choice. If you want something powerful and durable, all the largest units are gasoline-powered monsters. Big units are meant for regular use and maintenance. If you only use them occasionally, you’re often frustrated by trying and failing to get them to start and run when you need them, or constantly running out of oil to mix with the gas, or gas to mix with the oil. You wish there was a middle way, something you could plug in that had enough power to do even large chores.

patriot products CSV 2515


The CSV-2515 chipper shredder is great for regular yard work. It’s built in every way like the most powerful gasoline powered chipper shredders, but it plugs into a regular household circuit. It’s quieter than a gasoline-powered unit, too. Weighing less than one hundred pounds, it’s easy to wheel around wherever you need it. You can even use it indoors, if you have a greenhouse, because there is no exhaust. You’ll never have to fuss with starting it,
just plug it in and flip a switch.

This unit is so popular,we have noticed that it is often sold out.


Features of the Patriot CSV-2515

Unlike many light-duty electric chipper shredders, the CSV-2515 can handle large branches, up to 2-1/2” in diameter. That’s as big as your wrist, and for many home owners, that’s as large as you’ll likely need to handle.


  •   14 Amp heavy-duty electric motor delivers the equivalent of 2.5 horsepower
  •   Quieter than gas-powered chipper shredders
  •   Lighter weight than a comparably powered gas unit
  •   Sturdy steel construction of important moving parts
  •   Large wheels make wheeling around the yard a breeze
  •   Creates small chips for more effective mulching
  •   Blow chipped or shredded material onto the ground or into collection bags for easy disposal
  •   Starts and stops with the flick of a switch
  •   Wood chipper knives and shredder flails are easily removable for maintenance
  •   Feed leaves and twigs into large top hopper, feed branches into side chute dedicated to chipping.
  •   Jams and dirt are easily cleared by laying the tool on its side and rinsing it out with a garden hose.

For a demanding home user, light farming, or running a greenhouse, the CSV-2515 hits a sweet spot for price and capacity. You’ll need to have a twenty-amp circuit and at least a heavy 12gauge extension cord for running the electric model, or you’ll pop breakers often when feeding big branches into the unit. The motor is powerful, but draws a lot of power.Patriot Products CSV back

Where Gas Power Shines

There are other issues that you should be aware of when you opt for the electrically powered CSV-2515 over a gas powered unit like the Patriot CSV-3065B with a 6.5 horsepower gas-powered motor. While the gas-powered unit is rated at over four times as much horsepower, it’s only rated to chip branches up to 3” in diameter – only half an inch larger than what the CSV-2515 can handle. The biggest difference you’ll see is feed rate. Horsepower determines how fast you’ll be able to insert branches into the machine more than the size of the branches. If you’re routinely handling big branches, and need to be done in a hurry, you’ll be glad you spent a hundred or two more for the extra power a gas engine can offer.