Stanley CH7 Chipper Shredder Review

“Great option for small jobs around the home”

The Stanley Chipper Shredder is a great option for home use and for people that run small lawn businesses as well. You can turn mounds of yard waste into small bags of mulch or help the environment by reducing the amount of waste in landfills with this portable and lightweight machine. Lugging this machine around, won’t make you break a sweat. Unlike other similar models which weigh somewhere between 160 to 180 pounds, the Stanley weighs right around 149 pounds. It’s not the biggest chipper shredder on the market but it is easy to store and is perfect for home use and small jobs around the yard or greenhouse. The Stanley 11hp 270cc chipper shredder does a great job munching up branches, twigs, and leaves, making them much easier to bag. The waste reduction ratio for the Stanley is 12:1, which means you can reduce 12 bags of waste into 1.

Product Features

Slightly smaller than other models, this chipper and shredder can handle branches and twigs between 2 to 3 inches. You will be able to get rid of yard waste with ease and efficiency, as this machine can breeze through large branches all day with it’s 2 stainless steel cutting blades and 6 hammers. There is a 2-way feed tube which gives you flexibility for every job you need done. An oversized top funnel for dry leaves and a side chute for ergonomic loading of tree branches. The sloped funnel design helps prevent personal injury as well as chipper overloading. Stanley 11 HP 270cc Stanley 11 HP 270cc Chipper Shredder top chute

Chipper Shredder top chute The discharge tube is also adjustable which allows you to direct where the chips will go. This is helpful when you want to use the ¼ inch wood chips for your garden or flower beds.

There is also an adapter you can connect to the the discharge tube to direct the chips into a trash container with a maximum capacity of 32 gallons. The adapter is sold separately but is a great time saver since it takes a lot of extra grunt work out of the collection process.


Overall the Stanley is pretty decent, however if you are someone who deals with mostly large branches, you may notice slower chipper action when feeding the machine it’s maximum feed tube capacity of 3 inches. Not too noticeable, but this model works best with branches and twigs up to 2.5 inches.Also, some of the assembly pieces may be difficult to put together as it is part plastic and part metal. Some of the insertion points can be difficult to fit together.

So, is it worth buying?

Overall, this is a great purchase for small jobs around the home. It works well, and compared to other units like the Patriot CSV-3100B, it is priced under a thousand dollars depending on where you look to buy. Chipper shredders tend to be very expensive, and if you can get something that is under a thousand bucks that can do the job with ease and efficiency, you should definitely consider adding it to your collection of yard equipment.