Patriot CSV-3100B Review

Patriot CSV-3100B

A Ten-Horse Monster!

The Patriot CSV-3100B is a complete monster when it comes to chipping and shredding power. There’s no substitute for the amount of power that this unit packs.

With its quality 10hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Commercial Power engine, this chipper shredder makes your work a breeze. Easily reduce branches up to 3 inches in diameter as well as twigs and leaves without clogging the machine – a problem other small chipper shredders face.

More Power Means Faster Feed Rates

The Patriot CSV-3100B’s 10 horsepower engine won’t labor over branches like a smaller unit will; it will devour them. If you need to clean up debris from your yard or farm, you’ll have to spend hours feeding in branches if you have an under-powered unit. 10 horsepower will shred even the stringiest yard and garden waste without either you or the unit breaking a sweat.

Features And Benefits

  • 10 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Commercial Power engine
  • Patented direct drive system avoids slipping pulleys that rob power and need replacing
  • Large diameter wheels for easier moving
  • Super Lo-Tone muffler is quieter than even smaller machines
  • Solid steel Y-hammer flails mince leaves and twigs to 1/20 of their original volume
  • Twin steel cutters for balanced chipping
  • Easy to remove cutters and flails make sharpening and maintenance easy
  • Operator actuated throttle allows user to power down the unit when idling to save gas and have quieter operation
  • Chipped and shredded waste can be blown into supplied collection bag or directly onto ground or mulch pile
  • Uses regular unleaded gas
  • Made in the USA
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If you’ve got the budget and a big yard or are a professional landscaper that needs a reliable and durable unit, with the power to get even demanding yard cleanups done fast, the Patriot CSV-3100B is for you. Like all Patriot models, the CSV-3100B has all metal moving parts for durability. It’s got a four-cycle engine, so there’s no tedious mixing of lubricating oil into the gas like smaller, homeowner style yard equipment.

The engine burns cleanly enough to meet California’s exacting CARB requirements for exhaust, so you can buy it and use it anywhere.

One thing to keep in mind: A big unit like the Patriot CSV-3100B that’s made of mostly metal parts weighs quite a bit more than other units on the market which are mainly made of plastic parts.

Even when compared against another Patriot, this unit weighs in at 140 pounds, which is over forty pounds more than it’s brother, the CSV-3065B. With a shipping weight of 180 pounds, even two men might have difficulty picking up the CSV-3100B to place it in the bed of a pickup truck.

It’s quite an expensive unit, but at the end of the day, you’re paying for the Patriot CSV-3100B’s power and durability.

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