Patriot CSV 3065B Chipper Shredder Review

Patriot CSV 3065B Chipper Shredder

“Entry level professional equipment”.

When you decide to make the jump from homeowner-grade yard and garden equipment to professional machines, the difference can be fairly small. The best homeowner machine is usually comparable to an entry-level machine for a pro. The big difference is generally power. Professionals need lots of it, and they need it continually, not just in short bursts.

Patriot Products CSV-3065B

The Patriot CSV-3065B chipper shredder is an excellent example of the jump to pro-style equipment. Patriot’s CSV-2515 is an excellent chipper shredder for the home with a big yard. Styled like the CSV-3065B, the lighter CSV-2515 has mostly sturdy and durable steel parts, and has big capacities for such an inexpensive and easy to use machine, but the CSV-2515’s electric motor, perfect for occasional use by a homeowner, isn’t built for constant, daily use by a contractor.

Briggs And Stratton Is A Household Name

The Patriot CSV-3065B has professional power courtesy of a time-tested and reliable Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine. The 6.5 horse engine delivers over 4 horsepower more than the electric motor on the Patriot CSV 2515.

That extra capacity doesn’t greatly expand the size of the branches that the bigger CSV 3065B unit will handle; it can chip a three-inch diameter branch instead of the smaller unit’s 2-1/2” capacity, but professionals know that feed size is only half the equation. It’s the feed rate that benefits most from all that added power.

While the branches can only be ½” bigger, the Patriot CSV-3065B will gobble them easily without bogging down.

A faster feed rate increases productivity, avoids jams that interrupt work, and turns even heavy, all day projects into a breeze. The shredder will chomp through even the stringiest yard waste without clogging.

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Made For Hard, Daily Use

The Patriot CSV-3065 is meant for worry-free operation, day in and day out. The Patriot CSV-3065 has a four-stroke engine, so there’s no tedious mixing of two-stroke oil when refueling. Just gas it up and go. The cleaner burning four-stroke makes it possible for the unit to meet California’s strict CARB emission standards, too.

Features of the CSV-3065B

  • 6.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine
  • 3″ branch diameter capacity
  • Dual knives for finer chipping
  • 6 y-hammers rip through piles of leaves
  • Waste reduction ratio of 1:20
  • Large hopper can handle leaves and twigs
  • Branches are fed into dedicated side chute
  • All steel construction of important moving parts
  • Waste can be blown into supplied collection bags or onto ground
  • Uses regular unleaded gasoline with no added oil
  • Large wheels make wheeling it to the job easy
  • Chipper knives and shredder flails are easily removed for maintenance
  • Made in the USA

Good Value For The Money

The Patriot CSV-3065B is competitively priced for comparable entry level commercial wood chipper shredders, barely more expensive than a robust homeowner model.

Weighing in at 120 pounds, it’s not as easy to wheel around as the Patriot electric models, but it’s plenty portable compared to a big machine. It’s sturdily built, and has a three-year warranty for homeowners and 90 days for commercial users.

We can’t find any reviews less than four out of five stars for the workhorse, so we’ll have to rate it a best buy for the money on reputation alone.

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