Must-Have Chipper Shredder Accessories

Chipper Shredder Accessories

When it comes to maintaining that pristine appearance people observe when they pass your yard on a daily basis, you have nothing to worry about once you have a wood chipper shredder.

From compounding heavy duty limbs from the trees to shredding a few piles of leaves, this handy piece of equipment always lessens the work load. This is why it is important to get a few accessories to ensure you get maximum performance from your wood chipper shredder.

Patriot Products Chipper Buddy

Patriot products offers a safe tool for pushing branches and leaves into almost any chipper shredder (Patriot, Simplicity, Baker and Earthquake). This tool also allows you to unclog a chipper shredder safely without the use of hands or fingers, to avoid any unwanted accidents. The Chipper Buddy design allows it to stop before coming in contact with the chipper’s cutting blades.

Replacement Blades

Avoid overworking your chipper shredder by replacing the blade. A sharp blade will cut through branches, leaves and other debris so the lifespan of your equipment can be lengthened.

Most blades can be used for different units across different brands. For example, the Eco-Shredder ES1600-21 Replacement Double Sided Cutting Blades for ES1600 Chipper/Shredder can also be used in the McCulloch MCS2001.

These replacement blades are sold in pairs. Sharpened on both sides, you can simply use them in reverse to make them last longer. If you have an FD1501 chipper shredder, you can also replace the blade with the LawnMaster CB1001 Replacement Chipper Blade.

Clean-up Accessories

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After spending hours grinding wood, limbs and leaves, the only thing you’ll need is an easy means of cleaning up the mess. This is where collection Patriot Products Standard Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder Collection Bagbags come in handy. The Patriot Products Standard Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder Collection Bag is one clean-up accessory that will make the whole process easier.

Made from durable raschel knit polyester, this simple yet efficient design is similar to a pillow case and has a draw string and cord grip. It fits a wide variety of units such as Patriot, Simplicity and McCulloch. The standard size measures 24-inch wide by 36-inch long while the jumbo bag is 24-inch by 60-inch. The open end can be connected to your wood chipper shredder and has a filling capacity of approximately 2.5 bushels.

If you don’t want to bend over to rake the mulch in, another option is an attachable collection bag which collects mulch as you feed your chipper shredder. This collection bag is made of durable lightweight recycled polyester which can be folded into a compact size and stored away.

It can easily attach to any opening and hold an astounding 40 bushels of material! The tapered design is good for airflow and emptying of leaves, mulch and debris. This model also attaches to other yard machines such as lawn mowers and leaf vacuums.

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