Best Wood Chipper Under $1000

At the $1000 range, there are plenty of durable, quality wood chipper models in the line up. In no particular order, here are our top 3 wood chippers under $1000 based on durability, power, chipping diameter, ergonomics and customer reviews.

The Earthquake 14267


number 1 wood chipper under 1000 dollars

The Earthquake 14267 is a model you may have noticed in our top 3 list for 2016. This gas powered model powered by a 212cc 4-cycle viper engine comes in at around $600. It’s lightweight, but don’t mistake that for a cheap build. This model packs some serious power with it’s patented dual triangular hammers. It’s a quality piece of equipment with shining customer reviews across the board. It features an ergonomic hand-grip bar and large wheels that allow for easy moving.

The Earthquake 14267 can chip branches up to 3 inches in diameter and has a large hopper for leaves. Each opening is fixed with rubber guards to prevent debris from flying back out.

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Patriot Products CSV 2515 (Electric)


Number 2 best wood chipper under 1000

Coming in at just under $1000, the Patriot CSV 2515 is a one of a kind electric chipper shredder. With the Patriot brand, you can expect this model to live up to it’s name. This unit has large wheels which make it easy to transport, unlike gas powered machines, although it will need to be powered by an extension cord. Because this model is powered by electricity, you can expect quiet operation and a low maintenance motor.

The Patriot CSV 2515 can handle branches up to 2.5 inches in diameter and can easily grind through mountains of leaves through the large hopper.

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The Tazz K32 Chipper Shredder

number 3 best wod chipper under 100 tazz

The Tazz K32 is competitively priced with The Earthquake 14267. These 2 units are very similar when compared side by side – They both have a feed capacity of 3 inches in diameter and can reduce material down to a 20:1 ratio, powered by a 212cc 4-cycle viper engine, similar in weight, have rubber guards, ergonomic hand grips and stands that are less likely to sink into the ground.

What makes them different? The Tazz K32 comes with an impressive vacuum kit that attaches to the unit along with a debris bag that can be unzipped while still attached to the unit for even more convenience while the Earthquake only comes with 2 bushel bags. The Tazz is 15 inches taller than the Earthquake and a good 10 pounds heavier as well. If you are tall, the unit’s height will be a relief for your back when feeding the hopper and transporting the unit from place to place.

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