Best Small Chipper Shredder

Best Small Chipper Shredder Reviews

Are you looking for a small chipper shredder that’s compact enough to fit in your shed or garage without taking up too much floor space?

The smallest chipper shredders currently on the market are electric powered machines and they are much slimmer and lighter than gas powered models.

Chipper shredders are typically designed with the average user’s height, ergonomics and child safety in mind, so if you’re looking for a short unit that can fit snugly under a shelf or storage space, you won’t have many options to choose from.

Below, we’ve listed the top chipper shredder models by overall size from smallest to largest (we added up the dimensions of each individual model to get a single number to use for comparison). The models we recommend are marked as ‘recommended’.

GreenWorks 24052

29 x 14 x 19 inches (total: 62) | 38.72 pounds | 1.375″ chipping diame

The GreenWorks 24052 is by far the smallest chipper shredder on our list. This unit is very slim and has an average weight for similar units in its class. It has a 15 amp motor and is capable of chipping 1-3/8 inch diameter branches as well as twigs and leaves.

This chipper shredder model comes with a push paddle so you can safely feed the machine without putting your hands or fingers near the blades. A large collection bag is also included for easy cleanup.

Like most chipper shredders, this unit works best with dry branches. Some people have reported a good experience with chipping bamboo, which is not a material every electric chipper shredder can handle.

Eco-Shredder ES1600 (Recommended)

24 x 22 x 22 inches (total: 68) | 71 pounds | 1.375″ chipping diameter

The second smallest model on our list is also the heaviest, weighing in at a hefty 71 pounds. The Eco-Shredder ES1600 is a very popular model able to chip branches up to 1-3/8 inch in diameter and reduce them to one tenth their size.

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It uses a 14 amp motor with a three-cycle shredding and mulching system to ensure consistent and uniform results. Its rounded discharge tube makes equipment cleanup easy.

However, this model does not come with a collection bag. So the reduced yard debris will pile up on the ground directly under the discharge tube.

Sun Joe CJ601E (Recommended)

37 x 20 x 17 inches (total: 73.75) | 26 pounds | 1.5″ chipping diameter

The Sun Joe CJ601E is the second lightest chipper shredder on the list, weighing only 26 pounds. It has a 14 amp motor with a chipping diameter of 1.5 inches.

However, it works best with branches under 1 inch in diameter. This unit can reduce your yard waste to 1/16th its original size which makes for great nutrient rich garden mulch.

With this unit, you’re getting the most value for your money. It’s a very affordable chipper shredder with excellent performance for an electric unit.

The Sun Joe CJ601E comes with a push stick which stores away perfectly inside the hopper, unlike the GreenWorks 24052, where it’s stored on the side of the machine.

The Sun Joe CJ601E discharges debris from the bottom of the unit and onto the ground, although the design of the stand makes it easy for you to slip a collection bin underneath.

Earthwise GS70014

44 x 13 x 19 inches (total: 76) | 31.85 pounds | 1.6″ chipping diameter

The most affordable model on the list. The Earthwise GS70014 is a very picky chipper shredder. It does not work very well with twisted branches, vines or branches with large knots.

This unit also does not work very well with leaves unless they are shredded along with twigs. If you’re mainly chipping straight branches, this unit will be able to get the job done. It has a large chipping diameter of 1.6 inches and a 14 amp motor.

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