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Aventura Infotech offers the Best SEO Services in India

What is does SEO means?

Search engine optimization or popularly known as SEO is the implementation of different tactics and plans to achieve top rankings on search engine result pages for a website. These tactics vary from on-page optimization to content management, from off-page optimization to high quality link building. Nowadays SEO has become an important part of internet marketing plan of a business enterprise and with an overall planning any site can experience better rankings.

Why You Should Use Search Engine Marketing Services?

SEO is regarded as a long-term investment that your company is making for future growth and promotion as organic traffic flow offers much higher returns on your investment as compared to the paid search traffic. The major part of the search volume goes to the organic results. If your company’s website isn’t ranking on the first page for the keywords that define your business then you are surely loosing the major chunk of your online sales.
Aventura Infotech presents absolute search engine marketing services in India that not deliver effective results but are affordable also. Our online marketing plans present complete organic SEO methods, responsive dynamic website plans, SEO optimized site design and development, manually written code and tested search engine optimization programs that acquire and sustain high keyword rankings in the SERPs of majorly used search like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

You can create a niche in your market and leave behind your competitors with our best SEO services as we help you acquire top keyword rankings for your brand, services, products, organization and website.

You change the entire dynamics of your organization by integrating online marketing solutions with Aventura, the pioneer search engine marketing services and website designing company in India, into your marketing plans.

Aventura offers optimization services and professional consultation assistance for different industries all across the world. Our India based organization presents a wide array of SEO packages that comprises of: site analysis and consultation, keyword analysis, manually written and search engine compliant on-page optimization, responsive dynamic web design, link building, social media and a lot more. We always ourselves updated with the latest technological developments, algorithm changes and other relevant changes taking place on Google, Yahoo and Bing, permitting us to attain the highest ROI. Our elite team of technical and designing professionals makes all efforts for the best bespoken search engine marketing services; optimizing your website for robot crawlers and search engine spiders that control organic SERPs.

Step 1: Discovery

  • Analyzing the current website on the defined parameters of optimization rules.
  • Checking the frequency of pages indexed on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Duration of domain registration, Domain age and current page rank.
  • Assessment of internal links and inbound link popularity.
  • Checking Meta tags, h1 tags and uniqueness of content.
  • Traffic Flow of the website traffic and keywords that are getting high traffic.
  • Analyzing the competition for the primary keywords.
  • Duration on which the new content is added or updated.
  • Identifying inappropriate URL names.
  • Present site rankings.

Step 2: Analysis

  • Evaluate major keywords and plan a list of keywords that will define the business on the basis of relevancy and popularity of search.
  • Evaluate the exact changes that are required in the website structure.
  • Ascertain the originality of the content and what extra content is needed on the website.
  • Evaluate possible opportunities to create back links via other relevant sites.
  • Creating a specific Action Plan for the site.

Step 3: Implementation

  • Preliminary strategy discussion with company.
  • Dedicated account personnel appointed.
  • Concluding the list of the final keywords to be worked on.
  • On-site optimization to be started which includes changes in the meta-tags, h1 tags and site maps.
  • Initiate the link building activities to create high quality links that are precisely focus on the site’s content.
  • Developing and distributing targeted articles, blogs and press releases as per the requirement.
  • Submissions to the relevant directories.
  • Developing informative and creative content for social media to engage visitors.

Step 4: Management

  • After the campaign starts, regular updates provided through detailed reports.
  • Dedicated account personnel would be available to discuss all queries regarding the campaign.
  • Follow-up meetings are conducted to discuss the results and the action plan is analyzed on the basis of the results.
  • Regular link building exercise continues to create best quality links.
  • Creation and submission of articles, blogs and press releases on regular basis.
  • Submissions to the relevant directories.
  • Developing informative and creative content for social media to engage visitors.

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