Top 3 Best Chipper Shredders of 2016 – Full Reviews

Chipper Shredder Reviews HQ brings you only the best reviews on the top chipper shredder units for home use and small landscaping businesses. With so many brands to choose from like Patriot, Troy Bilt, Dr, Cub Cadet, Craftsmen, etc, it can be a quite a headache to find the best unit for use around your home. That’s why we created “top picks” to make your search easier! Below you can find our top 3 list based off of product features, cost and consumer reviews. You can also find individual chippers shredders, mulcher and vacuum reviews in the review section of the site.

 Top 3 Chipper Shredders

ModelNameCapacityPowerPriceMore Details
Patriot CSV-3100B3" Dm10HP$$$$More Details! Click Here
Patriot Products CSV-3065B3" Dm6.5HP$$$$ More Details! Click Here
Earthquake 142673" Dm6.5HP$$$ More Details! Click Here

#1: The Patriot CSV 3100B Chipper and Shredder

“You get what you pay for”

Patriot Products CSV 3100B 10 HP Briggs Stratton Gas-Powered Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder front and back

The CSV-3100B is an echelon of machines when it comes to chipping and shredding power, build and quality. The unit’s 10 horsepower is substantially more than many of the closest comparable machines. If your yard is very large and has a demanding amount of branches to chip or an overwhelming amount of leaves to shred, this unit will have the power you need to get the job done quickly. A Briggs and Stratton Vanguard commercial grade engine, a name that’s been synonymous with quality and reliability for generations, supplies power for this unit. Wood chipper feed rates for the CSV-3100B are improved from Patriot’s CSV 3065B unit, and the extra horsepower makes it less likely that you’ll jam the machine (something you may experience with electric powered models. The CSV-3100B is currently listed on Amazon for around $1,400 and it’s well worth the money (check updated prices here). If your yard needs a lot of maintenance, this unit is the best choice for you. It will pay off over rental equipment which is expensive in the long run and can be a hassle to rent out.


  • Powerful 10 horsepower engine for fast and smooth chipping/shredding
  • Fast feeding rate to get the job done quickly
  • High quality and durable all steel unit
  • Less likely to jam


  • Weighs 140 pounds


  • Product Features

– 10 HP Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine has plenty of power
– Double steel knives make chipping up to 3” diameter limbs easy
– Solid metal ‘y’ shaped steel flails shred leaves and twigs finely
– Four stroke engine doesn’t require mixing oil into fuel
– CARB compliant for use in California
– Shaft-driven design avoids belts that slip and break
– Equipped with a muffler for quieter operation
– Low-oil sensor indicates when it’s time to add lubrication
– Large wheels help you move the unit around your yard
– 2 bushel capacity leaf collection bag included
– Cutters and flails are solid steel
– Cutters are easily removed for sharpening or replacement

Customer reviews for the CSV-3100B are almost universally glowing. Unfortunately for the manufacturers of the Patriot, this unit has attracted a following of joke reviewers on Amazon that have nothing to do with wood chipper leaf shredders, and they’ve left one and two star reviews on the Patriot that harm its reputation. I’ve never found a legitimate review with less than a five stars for the CSV-3100B anywhere on the web. Read more reviews here.


#2: Patriot Products CSV 3065b Chipper and Shredder

Patriot Products are well known for their quality machinery, and the CSV-3065B is no exception. Well designed and constructed, the unit has lots of metal parts, where other less professional quality machines would feature plastic. The CSV-3065B straddles the line between a really robust home owner model and an entry-level professional unit.

“Reliable & durable”

Patriot Products CSV 3065B 6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Gas Powered Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder front and back

The CSV-3065B comes equipped with a 6.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine, which gives the unit more than enough power to handle large branches up to 3” in diameter. It also makes short work of garden debris like leaves and twigs you put into its big hopper.

The 6.5 HP engine is a four-stroke, so there’s no need to mix oil into the fuel like many yard and garden machines. The engine burns fuel so efficiently that it meets California’s strict CARB emission standards.


  • Good value for an entry level professional piece of equipment (check prices)


  • Machine has difficulty chipping green branches more than 1″ in diameter. It doesn’t seem to have any problems with dry branches.


  • Product Features
  •  Briggs and Stratton engine produces 6.5 horsepower
  •  Moving parts made from durable steel
  •  Made in the USA
  •  Wood chipping done by a pair of knives for balances, easy chipping
  •  Yard waste is reduced to as little as 5 percent of its original volume
  •  Can handle branches up to 3” in diameter
  •  Shredding action by six steel flails
  •  Big hopper for quick and easy shredding of leaves and twigs
  •  Dedicated chute for feeding in branches
  •  Chipped waste can be feed into bags or blown onto the ground
  •  Runs on regular unleaded gas without added oil
  •  Big wheels and light weight make it easy to wheel around your property
  •  Shredder flails and chipper knives are easily removed for sharpening or replacement

Most customer wood chipper reviews and ratings for the Patriot CSV-3065B are almost uniformly enthusiastic about its durability and usefulness, and it’s very competitively priced. Read more reviews on this model here.




#3: The Earthquake 14267 Chipper and Shredder

“Get the job done for cheap”

earthquake chipper review

The Earthquake 14267 is another very highly rated unit in midrange gas-powered chipper shredders. Some manufacturers have become leery about rating their engines for horsepower, so they only list displacement. At 212cc, the Earthquake has about 6.5 HP, comparable to the Patriot CSV-3065B. It can chip a branch that’s up to 3” in diameter, and reduces yard waste to about five percent of its original volume. The Earthquake uses an unusual and patented method of shredding yard waste. It has dual triangular hammers instead of a multiple ‘flails’ to handle leaves and twigs, and a pair of heavy-duty knives to chip branches. The Earthquake has all metal moving parts for sturdiness and durability. Unlike some of its competitors, it has flexible guards over its hopper and chipping chute to keep waste from flying back out of the machine, especially while it’s idling.
The 14267 has a four-cycle engine, so it doesn’t require you to mix oil into the fuel. It weighs 110 pounds, about average for a machine of its capacity, and has two large diameter wheels and a convenient hand-grip bar attached to the hopper to make wheeling it around your yard or garden easier.


  • Cheapest unit for the quality, power and value (Check pricing)
  • Light weight machine
  • Ergonomic hand-grip bar
  • Rubber flaps prevent debris from flying back out of the machine



  • Product Features
  •  3” diameter chipping capacity for tree limbs
  •  20:1 waste reduction makes waste handling easier
  •  Comes with a two-bushel bag to catch and haul chipped material
  •  Patented shredding hammers handle even tough, stringy material
  •  6.5 HP engine deliver lots of chipping and shredding power
  •  Big 17” by 13” hopper

Most earthquake reviews on the web, speak very highly of this unit. Users mention its amazing power, which can easily handle branches up to its 3” diameter limit with a steady feed rate without bogging down. The Earthquake 14267 lists for a little over $600, but it is often heavily discounted, making it very competitively priced for its capacity.





Any one of these three would make a fine addition to your lawn and garden arsenal, and choosing one over another would probably only entail matching their capacities and price to your needs and your budget whether you are looking into making a purchase for regular home use or your small landscaping business. These are the most popular and highly rated small, non industrial chipper shredders available. If you want to see other options, there are many more models from different manufacturers reviewed here on our site in the reviews section. Trust our reviews to give you unbiased information about your potential purchase or rental, and you’ll be sure to find the best chipper shredder for your particular yard or business.


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